Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Favorite Facebook Posts: SNOWNAMI 2011

Good morning, blogpeeps!  In case you’ve been living in a cave, the great SNOWNAMI of 2011 was predicted, discussed, dissected, re-predicted, and arrived.  From what I hear, it was a pretty big bust.  So all of you people out there with 20 loaves of bread, 50 gallons of milk, 92 rolls of toilet paper, and enough fuel to get to South America and back, you can relax now.  

Here are some of my favorite Facebook posts over the past few days:


“SNOW DAY TOMORROW!  I can’t wait!  20+ inches predicted!!  (this post wasn’t a favorite, it was just the first of the hundreds of snow posts that came through).

“I swear I'm gonna hold that groundhog at gunpoint tomorrow until he tells me what I wanna hear.”
Is it supposed to snow this week. I haven't heard anything about it.
Man, it's like Y2K out there. People are in pure panic mode. I get the stocking up on a few items from the store but why did the gas station have a long line?  WHERE ARE YOU GOING IN A FOOT AND A HALF OF SNOW?
St. Joseph Statue is in hand ready to be buried in the yard. Do you think it matters if it’s buried in the snow vs dirt?
School is already canceled tomorrow, and I have plenty of gas for my snowblower. Yep, that kind of preparation means we won't get any measurable snow to speak of.
The essentials of being snowed in” (accompanied with the photo below)
Well the weather outside is... SNOWPACALYPSE! SNOWMAGEDDON! It’s all over from here kids.... we're doomed! Stock up on red wine and tampons....WE'RE GOIN DOWN!
(This one was just the photo below)
“Yep, it’s snowing.”
“POLL: Snow-pocalypse or Snow-mageddon?
With all due respect to Mother Nature, the "Storm of the Century" has been a bit of a letdown here in Buffalo. Now, excuse me while I call AAA to fish my car out of the ditch I will inevitably plunge into on my ride to work”
“I hope all you dipsh@#^s who bought out all the milk at Kroger that it spoils. I think weather people should be charged with inciting panic. 5" total in Toledo. We live in Ohio, it's gonna snow.”
“I hope everyone stocked up on their Pop-Tarts for the snow day.” (written by a Kellogg’s employee)
Thank you to all of my Midwestern/Northeastern friends for the entertaining SNOWNAMI 2011 commentary. Can Groundhogs see their shadows through a foot of snow?  Good luck with that.

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