Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s been confirmed: I am awesome.

Well folks, it’s been confirmed.   Thanks to my girl Jess from the blog Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot, I am now 100% sure that I rock.  Why, you ask?  Jess has presented me with “The Cherry on Top” award!  And what exactly does this mean?  My 5 year old asked the same question when I told him about the confirmation of awesomeness.

Me: I won an award!
DMo: You DID!? For what?
Me: For some things that I wrote!
DMo: WOW!  Because you have great handwriting?
Me: Well… no…
DMo: Do you get a trophy or a medal?
Me: Um… well just this little button right here:

DMo: Oh... OK… Can I have a snack?

So my 5 year old obviously is too young to understand how awesome this honor that has been bestowed on me actually is.  He’ll understand in a few years.  You know, when he’s a teenager and in therapy due to my over-sharing blog.  His Dr. can explain how awesome this award was, I mean, I’m paying him enough- right?!  

Moving on from my rage over my non-existent overcharging therapist… there are two conditions for accepting this award.  The first is, I have to list three things I love about myself.  WHOA.  That’s going to be tough.  ONLY three things?  But I’ve just been confirmed awesome?!  OK, I’ll TRY.

1.       My hair.  I mean, just LOOK at it.  It’s like a glowing mane of awesomeness.  It has just the right amount of Microsoft Painted fluff to hold my tiara securely in place.  If I had to compare my hair to a majestic animal, I would be so bold as to say a unicorn.

2.       My kids.  They’re yet another extension of my awesomeness.  This award really belongs to them considering they write about 90% of my blog’s material.

3.       I love how down to Earth I am.  That is really hard to achieve when you are this awesome.

The other condition to this award is that I need to pass it along to 5 other bloggers that I adore.

1.       Southern MOMentum – The girls over at Southern MOMentum never fail to make me laugh.  Also, they have SUPER awesome contributing bloggers.  Check THIS ONE out- I dare say she is even MORE awesome than I am.

2.       The 21st Century Mrs. – LOVE her blog!  And anyone that invents a game called Leprechaun Bingo is awesome in my book.

3.       Disco Lemonade – SumSum is not only hilarious, but she is also a fellow Michigan native.  Double awesome! I’m also giving her this award just to try and bribe her to write more often.  

4.       Yeah. Good Times – I think that my avatar and the Good Times avatar are distantly related cousins, what do you think?  Not only is this woman awesome, one post featured a cat vomiting a rainbow.  SOLD! 

5.     Ninja Mom Blog – Do I even need to give you a reason why this blog is awesome?  It’s called NINJA MOM BLOG.  Enough said.

That’s all I’ve got, peeps- happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day to you.  Take some aspirin, wipe off the day-old smeared mascara from your face, and for God’s sake BRUSH YOUR TEETH- you’ll feel better. 

And for any of you who were wondering, the word “awesome” was used 14 times in this post.  Awesome.  Make that 15.




  1. You are wonderfully awesome! I always love my visits to your blog! I love the comments by your five year old. One day when I was a little consumed with my blog my 5 year old came over and said he hurt his toe. My kiss and hug weren't enough because he wanted his band aid even though there wasn't a scratch. Well I didn't move fast enough because after he asked for the third time, he was tired of hearing me say, "one minute honey", he said "Bye mom, I'll see you later, I'm going to the nurse!" I deposited money in his future therapy account the next day! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I match your award with an award...don't try to get the best of me Muffin!

  3. You're fabulous. Congrats and thanks! I will honor and cherish and possibly gloat over this.

  4. Congratulations. You are AWESOME.

  5. I have awarded you the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD. Please let me know if you accept it at

  6. deserve it....because you're super cool, of course.... :):) Enjoy your award and I'll have to go check out these other blogs that you mentioned!

  7. Congrats!!! Just found your blog!! HILARIOUS!!!! You definitely deserve that award! And still so humble, you're like Donald Trump of the blogosphere!