Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The interpretive dance stylings of DMo and the Schizophrenic Mini-Assassin

The kids and I are home alone tonight, so we decided to have a dance party.  I recorded some of it because I'm pretty sure my children are the most majestic dancers I've ever had the privilege of witnessing.  Their grace is rivaled only by that of a swanther (a swan/panther hybrid). They're style is... um... unique.   It would be a crime if I didn't share this talent with the world.

You'll learn a few things from this video.

1. I have extremely white legs.
2. Neyo rocks our world.
3. Both children have incorporated elements of ninja moves into their dancing.
4. In our house, "poop" is the most hilarious word OF ALL TIME.
5. My schizophrenic 2 year old will attempt to assassinate me just when I least expect it.

Oh, you want to know what my girlfriend's name is?  HER NAME IS SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Well played, Mini-Assassin.  Well played.


  1. its like your very own Hangover "wolf pack"

  2. LMAO!! Who IS his girlfriend???

  3. First: mini-assassin is no joke. Second: I'm pretty sure those violent dance moves were the original inspiration for "Blood on the Dance Floor."

  4. Ahhh... did you survive that attack OK? Girlfriends can really make the boys do crazy things, yo. LOL
    Very cute.

  5. oh my gosh.


    I gotz 3 of them.

  6. Love the Tigers shirt!!! Heading to a game in August when we come back for a visit!