Monday, May 9, 2011

SOMEBODY needs a nap.

I’m pretty cranky today.  Between the hours of 1-5am, my youngest son decided the entire house needed to play a game of “NOBODY SLEEPS TONIGHT, B!T%#ES”.  Needless to say, he won.  

Unfortunately, my coworker suffered the wrath of my crankiness this morning.  While talking to her, she stated that someone had “thrown her for a loop”.  Now, I’ll be honest.  Cranky or not, that phrase just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.  So I asked her- how does one get thrown for a loop?  HOW, I SAY!?  

I don’t want to be so arrogant as to say that “thrown for a loop” would NEVER make sense, so I thought about it.  This is an instance that I came up with where “thrown for a loop” would actually be the correct verbiage.

Then I started thinking of other phrases that didn’t make sense… like “not for nothing”.  Could there ever be a situation where something was, indeed, not for nothing?  

Why, yes!

And what about a personal fave of mine, “it is what it is”?  Hmmm…. 


How about an oldy but goody, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?

I think we have a winner!

I have no image for the next one, because there is NEVER an instance where this would make sense.

“I slept like a baby.”




  1. You are a true artist ;)
    And I agree, they don't sleep, EVER.
    I also don't get "smooth as a baby's bottom" cuz my kids asses ain't smooth or pretty.

  2. Winning a game of "Nobody sleeps tonight B!T%#ES"....classic.

  3. Forget serial killer. Your son is a hardcore terrorist. I love sleep, and I fear anyone that threatens it.

  4. "Thrown for a loop" actually derives from "Knock for a loop", which came to us from boxing - probably sometime in the 1920's.

    Just thought you'd like to know.

    Not that I would EVER espouse abusing a child with alcohol, but Doctors in England used to prescribe Guinness in milk for kids. Supposedly, it was to build the Iron in the blood. Frankly, I think it was to put 'em to sleep.

  5. I love it! I had never really thought about it before.. I think it takes a mom with no sleep to discover such mess ups in the English language!

  6. Yes babies DO NOT SLEEP.
    I worked for a company that always said "It is what it is" and "Raise the Bar." Wanted to kill them with their pointy high heels.

  7. My mother was always telling me she was going slap me "into the middle of next week." I realize now that was a stupid threat, but at the time I was quite sure she could hit me hard enough to cause me to time travel.

  8. Make sure to play that game with him when he's a teenager at that age where they want to sleep until an unholy hour. I suggest blaring "Funk Soul and the Rare Grooves" outside his bedroom door.

    This is of course assuming he hasn't taken over the world by then. ;-)

  9. I'm impressed that you could not only come up with a great blog but illustrate it too! You are wonder woman! I havent had a good nights sleep for 8 years, and yes I'm very cranky! I've been to hell in a handbasket! ( what does that one mean?) Thanks for the fun post!

  10. Babies. Never. Sleep.

    And then people give you the stink eye when you discuss the wonders of Children's Benadryl.

  11. Another expression I never got: Rule of Thumb. Are we referring to thumb wrestling here? Or are we imagining drawing a face on the fleshy part of the thumb and turning said thumb into a mighty ruler? Very confusing. PS I Love your blog! Melissa (